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Subscribe to this thread Why isn't Dreamkeepers more popular? created by dogeman on March 6, 2016

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Prometheus3/16/16 4:07pm

That's what I'd like to do at one point, too. Haven't been to the public library in a long time. I'll have to go in there and see if they have a graphic novel section.

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AFox3/17/16 9:49am
@ Prometheus

Nice thinking, try to check it out relatively soon.
On a side note, would sticking in a copy of the Prelude collection and/or Uberquest as well be a good idea?

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Ferrous3/21/16 8:26am
@AFox: I can't see why not! Prelude is more light-hearted and might wind up under the Children's section (thus queueing up a new generation of impressionable young readers, hahahaha) and UberQuest is also an additional awesome Indy comic. If someone comes across UberQuest and likes it, odds are they'll start looking for other stuff similar and hopefully bumble across Dreamkeepers.

Either way, it's more stuff to get out there.

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AFox3/21/16 1:02pm
@ Ferrous

Okay...but first I've got to save up some money to buy those too, plus...I have no idea where to get the Uberquest collection, even for myself ^^; I really should have joined that Kickstarter, you got any advice on how to find it?

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Ferrous3/22/16 8:21am
@AFox: I'm really not the guy to ask, I'm afraid. I'm just some mook with a megaphone and some spare cash.

Ferrous only pawn in game of life.

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AFox3/23/16 6:31pm
@ Ferrous

Crud, guess I'll have to keep hunting, that damn book can't evade me forever! MOBY BOOK!!!!

Also, do you love DK Rule 34?

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Ferrous3/24/16 9:13am
@AFox Well, i don't see why it's necessary. There doesn't HAVE to be erotica of all the things.

But that's a philosophical discussion best suited for another day.

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AFox3/26/16 10:45am
@ Ferrious

Fair enough, I just got a commissioned piece of it I'm quite fond of is all, was curious what you'd think of it.

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Childish6/6/16 5:57pm
Just throwing out my experience. I only recently discovered DreamKeepers on the top 100 webcomics thing. Would have checked it out earlier to, but the picture for it had this sparkly animation that distracted me from the actual artwork. Pretty as they are, flashy signs don't get me reading a webcomic. Art that rivals well publicized franchises is another story entirely. My thoughts? Get out some pictures focused on main characters with a detailed backdrop (careful not to distract from the character), and lose the sparkles unless subtle enough to not pull attention.

One other thing, though a bit too late to change. Starting the series off with a rather gruesome sacrifice might be... unsettling to some. It does a good job of saying this series isn't all fluff and cuddles, but seems to set the wrong tone for the rest of the story. I've got a similar problem with the scene of Mace finding his friend butchered. There are a few scenes much later, like when he discovers who really killed his friend, but it's just too late. His feelings for Lilith are cute and well done, but his best friend just died! And his discussion with Randy... It seemed off somehow, like he was more annoyed with Randy being Randy than realizing that Randy likely had a hand in Paige's death. Other than a few things like that, I could easily see this series getting a lot more popular.

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ezioauditore976/21/16 9:14am
Hey @Childish, nice avatar! Cowboy Bebop's an excellent series. :) It's amazing just how well Dave and Liz stand up to "professional" comics and with Disney's move to CGI and Dave and Liz doing that style so well it's like they're out-Disney-ing Disney for striking 2D art!

Yeah, I understand that they were propellants in the story for a long time and while Dave didn't want the beginning to drag on forever before getting to the fun stuff killing off characters so quickly leads many thinking the creators have a point to prove in that their work is so dark and gritty and so on. Interesting view on Mace's confrontation with Randy as well;I love the little guy,but it can come off as petulant. I'd love to see this grow more popular as well!

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SuperTurbo47/14/16 7:59pm
I'm thinking it's because it's an independent comic book. Expecting it to be as popular as Superman is asking for too much.

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Prometheus7/14/16 9:43pm
Well, yeah. The little man is always going to be passed over for the main line comic companies and their flagship titles. The only way the little man can at least be a noticeable success without going full corporate is thru repititious and rigorous advertisement and word-of-mouth. Which is what the Lillie's have been doing for years. Its been slow and the series is still small after one decade, but I'm sure this stuff is gonna be big in the future.

If Dave ever gets an animated series going like there was supposed to be, that might be the real test.

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BryanDimmsdale8/19/16 11:17pm
Looks like that "Little Man" is now having a growth spurt, and will be facing the problems and benefits of the mainstreams soon.

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Prometheus8/19/16 11:31pm
Agreed. And, if I've learned anything from living in this world, one thousand problems are sure to come before you ever see a benefit. And, by then, it might be too late.

Here's hoping that Dave isn't letting his ego get the better of him with this recent endorsement. He's living way over the edge right now.

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McGoatpants8/21/16 9:53am
Independent publishing of any nedium--music, comics, movies, anyhing--has always faced the challenge of getting known. It's not as easy as getting a major publisher or advertising company, who always looks for "what sells." Independent marketing can only thrive through word of mouth. It's unfortunate, but that doesn't mean success isn't unreachable. I honestly believe that DK will get itself out there, and that we as the fans just have to keep spreading word of mouth and throw Dave and Liz whatever support we can. Remember: Independent marketing thrives through dedicated fans!

Apologies for any incoherence. It's early and typing this out on my phone is clunkier than clunk.

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