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Subscribe to this thread Patreon Sketch Ideas created by Animefan18 on March 15, 2016

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Animefan183/15/16 4:37pm
This thread will be ideas to share ideas for dave's monthly sketches, I don't know if this is the correct section to place under

Idea: An akward 'What if' when Lilith and namah enter Igrath's house only to find Indigo

even thought DK stuff is good but I want to give dave some challenges

Idea #2: Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe With/without water wings. its up to dave

Idea #3: Mugen and Jin from samurai champloo fighting a group of random samurais

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Prometheus3/16/16 9:15am
Thanks for starting this thread. Since it would seem even non-patrons can pitch some ideas, a thread for it is a good idea.

Though, considering what I've read about the next monthly sketch possibly being a breast size chart of the DK girls (and automatically assuming it being nude), it makes me wonder just how far Dave is willing to go with these sketches of the characters. XD I mean, he did say something along the lines of if the people want it, they will get it.

What I'm getting at here is if anyone here is thinking of trying their luck with pitching something more NSFW, please speak now and I will update the title to reflect that. Or, if deemed more sensible, a separate thread can be made for that. I'm just expecting the floodgates to open, so it doesn't hurt to prepare.

Anyway, with that being said, I absolutely love the idea of 'what-if' scenes. The voting incentive of Bast and Lilith's date are the kind of scenes that really makes you wonder what else could have happened differently. I want to see those kind of scenes.

One idea I have is seeing what would have happened if Mace, Whip and Paige did manage to run away from the orphanage, escape the city, and find a band of struggling thieves who take the kids in and teach them their ways.

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Animefan183/16/16 6:24pm

You're welcome, it is cool for dave to start these monthly sketches. maybe a separate thread for nsfw wouldn't such a bad idea, but that's just me. Like I said I want to challenge dave on drawing anything outside dk.

A 'what-if' on Mace, whip, paige trained to become master thieves sounds like assassin's creed but better.

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Prometheus3/16/16 9:26pm

Yeah, that does sound a bit AC-ish. ^^

Though, I didn't mean to get so technical with it. I want to see how Dave would envision the scenario.

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Animefan184/24/16 2:09pm
Idea: a comic panel featuring dk characters reading fan mail and answering their questions.

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Prometheus8/24/16 12:00pm
Here's some ideas. XP

Another what-if scenario: Tinsel decides to make Namah's existence public shortly after birth and we see what Namah's life would be like as the daughter of Anduruna's famous pop singer.

And, a sketch of the Main Cast (excluding Whip) while genderbent. XP

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TruthQuest10/5/16 6:15am
How about this, Nabonidus, as Counsler Naresh, vists the orphanage prior the events of V1. I want to see if he can covence our three little orphans to be his, and/or how he might go about doing it, in a 3 to 4 page mini comic, edited for Plot Vualt material of cource (hey, speculation is half the fun right?)
And here's a fun little fact I just realized, the Troyka didn't know that something was going down at the orphanage and Nabonidus didn't know they were still around until after Paige got killed. If he'd pulled them out successfully, this story would be very different.

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Prometheus9/4/17 10:36pm
I've had these ideas brewing in my head for a few weeks now.

- Scinter looking over a weapon from our world, specifically an M4A1 carbine, and harshly critiquing it.
- An inside look of a groundcar factory.
- A view of a City Guard training class.

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PrototypeBast9/8/17 11:13am
How about Bobby finding out about Vi's secret fandom for a Dreamkeeper type Firefly show.

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Animefan1811/29/17 5:49pm
Here are some ideas:

Stoner lilith

Main cast vs tinsel, only of them uses on her

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PrototypeBast12/4/17 5:17pm
Okay, how about something festive then.
Kalie and Jenn have a little Holice mischief by wrapping Evzen in Sparkly tinsel,Shiney ornaments,and a brite lite up star on top.

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