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Subscribe to this thread Back in the loop... created by WaitWat on April 5, 2016

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WaitWat4/5/16 4:00pm
Greetings, fellow forumites!
Some of you may remember me from 2011-2012 as a cringy username on the old forum that may or may not have contained "xxjordanmast3rxx" or something along those lines. >.> The mistakes one makes as a 13/14 year old on the internet...

Anyways, I'm back with a slightly less cringey username. Well, I was already back a few years ago but never really got the chance to mingle back in due to some stuff I had going on at the time taking up the bulk of said time.
But my main point is, I'm back! Hopefully for good this time.

Damn, I missed this place.

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Prometheus4/6/16 9:01am
Hey, there. Welcome back to the forums, WaitWat. :D

It's good to have another long-timer return to the fold. I am Prometheus, formerly known as Pulse&Paradox back on the old site. I am one of five moderators here on the forum. My fellow co-workers being DanWithTheHat, MobileCrusader, PotatoFox, and TeamDK (Liz Lillie herself).

I guess I shouldn't have to ask you to view the official site rules since that's pretty much a "first thing you do" kind of deal, but for formalities sake be sure to view our rules for adult content. That all depending if you are even interested in that sort of thing. In which case, pay no attention to the following link.

I'd say that about covers it. Glad to have you back, Wat, and please enjoy yourself as you did back then. :)

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WaitWat4/6/16 4:49pm
I recognise a few of those names, good to see that the same people are still hanging around after all this time.

Too late, clicked it, my young mind is now forever corrupted by the NSFWness D: I kid of course, I've read it.
Thanks for the welcome back, I indeed intend to enjoy myself here, I've spent way too long away from this community.

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TalkedSpy4/6/16 6:13pm
Hello there my good sir. My name is TalkedSpy, a 16 year-old kid who is quiet, but yet has a lust for blood, enthusiasm, righteousness, and potatoes. <3

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ZycantAlpha4/7/16 10:17am
Well, nice to see you around the forums again WaitWat! Hopefully this time you don't decide you dislike your user and want to change it again/lose the chance to mingle again.

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Kafelnikov4/7/16 5:40pm
Welcome back WaitWat! I only just re-registered myself. I hope life has been kind to you over the past few years!

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WaitWat4/7/16 6:28pm
Thanks for the welcome back, everyone!


Those are some interesting hobbies...I think you and me are going to get along just fine.


Here's hoping, lol.


Another name that I remember from the old forum! I've been pretty good.

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Ferrous4/14/16 7:52am
Welcome Back!

Looking forward to having you here

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