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Subscribe to this thread I have questions about the RPs created by Filzar on May 4, 2016

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Filzar5/4/16 6:02pm
(I don't know if I am on the good section of the forum)
I'm interested about the roleplays . I already played some on french forums but here I have some questions because I founded no topic such as "RULE" in any on the 3 RP sections .

-Is the rules are designated by the RP owner or they apply to all RPs ?
-When is the dice system used ? To make an action to work or to degine the impact of the action ? (or twice)
-I have some questions about my character that i want to ask in MPs .

Thanks for you answers .

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joeden5/5/16 6:27am
rules mostly go by RP owner even though most laws of physics in the comic follow through to all. Like for an Example my RP A burning world my rules are not to kill Joeden forces on mass. Its not that you can't kill them its that they're super soldier strength and they have advanced as all hell tech and training so killing them on mass is impossible. I also state the same with tanks and other armored vehicle.

Dice system has no certain rules its how ever you want to use them. the system used near the end of COTN was based on character levels so anything higher then your level would be a miss and levels went from 1-5. But in every other RP that we used dice in its been 1-2 miss 3-4 hit 5-6 effective hit. for multiple hits we used multiple dice and counted them individually by what number was shown on the individual die.

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Kirito5/5/16 1:05pm
Hey there!

Here's a helpful thread on general guidelines for creating and joining RP's:

As for your first question- Owners are allowed and usually make their own rules. RP's are flexible, so the rules are as well.

The dice system is used generally during combat. However, they can also be used for actions that involve chance or risk of failure. As Joeden described, it's on a 1-2, 2-3, etc system.

Any Additional questions feel free to PM and what not 8^)

Hope that helped!

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