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Subscribe to this thread Long time no see created by FoxMcCloud on May 13, 2016

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FoxMcCloud5/13/16 7:29pm
Went under the user name 'Matthias' in the IRC chat room at least a year (or possibly two) back, it's been quite awhile. Not sure how many of you actually remember me but hey, worth a shot.

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ZycantAlpha5/17/16 9:26am
I think I kind of remember you, but it's nice to see you back either way!

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Prometheus5/17/16 12:49pm
Oh, yeah. I remember your name quite well from the IRC chat. ^^ Welcome back.

Glad to have you on the forums now. :D I don't think I have to say this, but be sure to review the official rules as well as guidelines for posting adult content/discussion.

Forum Rules:

Explicit Content Rules:

Again, glad to have a returning member of the fanbase in the forum. ^^

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Ferrous5/18/16 1:21pm
Welcome back to the show!

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Javelin5/20/16 10:04pm

Hey glad to have you back:)

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Kafelnikov5/22/16 7:13pm
Welcome back! Happy to have you here.

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FoxMcCloud5/22/16 9:21pm
Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I'll try to hop on the new chat thing sometimes if i can.

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