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Subscribe to this thread DestinyGuy and his Crew created by DestinyGuy73 on June 3, 2016

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DestinyGuy736/3/16 4:43pm
Hello everyone,

I'm DestinyGuy, the newest face in the forums. After readingDreamkeepers for quite some time now and observing the craziness in the forums, I've decided to make my own account and join tr DK community. I'll probably not post too much for a while, since I'll getting used to everything and comfortable with the forum, but I eventually hope to be more active. And even partisipate in some RPs!

As for my OC, well, I don't actually have a main OC. But instead a whole slew of characters. So in time, I'll be posting them here for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you, and have a good day everyone :)

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Javelin6/4/16 9:43pm
Nice to meet you! :)

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ZycantAlpha6/4/16 9:51pm
Hey DestinyGuy, welcome to the forums!

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