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Subscribe to this thread Elson Wong's "Dreamkeepers the Movie" - Auditions and More created by Prometheus on July 31, 2016

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Prometheus7/31/16 1:27pm
This thread is for any and all individuals involved with Elson Wong's voiceover project, Dreamkeepers the Movie.

For those who were beginning their discussion in the Character Voice Actors thread in the Characters section, please move your discussion to here. Thank you and good luck to all of you on this fun project. ^^

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Dawonguy7/31/16 1:47pm
Alright, now let us make delicious french fries from this via (constructive) roasting:

I think I had some good performances, some better than others, but they weren't outstanding. I did what I could to make the audio clean by recording in a closet with my second-hand Blue Snowflake and fixing it up a bit in audacity.

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Zeno7/31/16 1:48pm
Thanks Prometheus!

If anyone from the Dreamkeepers comments section wants to critique my auditions, all of my takes are here.
I'm happy with my takes, but looking back, there were something I could've done better. Unfortunately, my voice isn't deep enough for the more gruff or mature roles, while also not being at a more dynamic pitch for the more younger, energetic roles. Damn you genetics...

P.S Just ignore my Karo audition. It was terrible...

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Zeno7/31/16 2:26pm
This one goes out to PotatoStereo (aka DawonGuy). Sorry if my critiques seem rushed. I already typed it out, but the website signed me out and I ended up losing everything I typed. Also, I'm not a huge acting critic, so take what I say with a grain of salt.


I find the voice very fitting and the subtle Brooklyn accent was a nice touch and gave him that 80’s Ninja Turtles feel. Just a liiittle bit more energy and I think this would’ve been an amazing take. I think you didn’t make the cut because your voice wasn’t the right pitch. Also, us having to compete with Griffin Puatu (swordsalike) kind of lowered our chances.


I also thought this voice fits well and I can see you were trying new things with your emoting. However, I’m noticing a bit of a lisp on these takes, which I think may lead to problems and some rough deliveries.


When I saw the lines, I can see they were supposed to hold some sarcasm to them, and I think you were trying to convey that, which you almost succeeded with. I wish you would’ve stuck with the pitch from your takes from Line 1 and there were tone consistency issues.


Your deliveries were a little flat. I can also tell that you were trying to convey the voice of a “stoic, wise man”, but I don’t think it worked out very well. I can understand how hard it is to consistently talk in a different tone of voice though.

P.S Funny thing is, I was going to audition for the role myself, but by the time I finished, it was already casted T_T


You definitely had the right idea for the voice of this character in terms of tone, but the line delivery was a little flat.

I think age hindered you with this one, as you voice sounded too young for this character who looks like he’s in his middle ages. I enjoyed your takes on Line 2, but the pitch still wasn’t low enough. Also, I think you should’ve tried a very snarky, smug, rich English gentlemn inflection, though that’s just me.


I think this one was your best auditions. You were conveying the right emotion and emphasizing the right words. If the delivery were smoother, then I would enjoy this even more.


I find this to be one of your more interesting takes and I think is a very fitting voice. I think you should’ve done this without the raspiness though because it makes him sound more serious than enthusiastic.

Randy’s Friend

This is a nice take. I wish you would’ve emphasized the “Awesome” just a little bit more and sounded more excited.

Overall, I liked many of your auditions, with Randy being the best and your weakest being Damon. I think some improvement can go into your emoting and the smoothness of your delivery.

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SuperWisemon7/31/16 2:30pm
Alright, let's try for some feedback! You can listen to my auditions here:

Anyway, @Dawonguy: Your microphone quality sounds fairly clean actually, you fixed it up well and your voices comes in clearly more often then not. Personally, I found your Bill audition to be the most pleasing to listen to. The character seems to work best with the voice you've given him because it doesn't sound like you're straining too hard, whereas with other characters you start to slur some sounds and lose the impact of the actual acting I feel.

Mostly, I think the main thing is to work on not holding that sibilance, or the long hiss sound, too much. It comes across on the recordings and muddies up the intonation. And always focus on the enunciation of hard 't's. I frequently make the same mistake of saying 'd' instead, and you can hear in the second take of the first Bill line that this happens to you as well.

@Zeno: Apart from the small amount of background hiss I can hear, your voice comes through clearly. I'm guessing you applied some heavy reverb post recording, because it certainly sounds that way. Your voice is way deeper then mine either way!

I actually really loved how playful and enjoyable some of these auditions were. They were for characters I don't have the range for at all, but hearing Tendril and such really shows me how cool voices like that can be.

With voices like these, the main gripe would be microphone quality and trying not to be too hammy. I can hear a few pops in the microphone, and of course the aforementioned hiss. If these takes were recorded more professionally, the overall product would've done much better. Your microphone is definitely holding you back.

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Zeno7/31/16 2:48pm

Thanks mate. I'm actually using a similar mic to DawonGuy, the Blue Snowball. As much as I love this microphone, it does require some audio editing for optimal performance, which I'm still learning. I do remember having my window open and my mic caught the cicadas I guess.

I did use reverb for Nabonidus because it seemed appropriate and I tried doing something similar to that of Nocturne from "League of Legends" and Shadow from "Tales of Symphonia". As for Tendril, I used the echo effect to go for a more chilling sound. When I was auditioning as Trendil, I tried to do something similar to Him from the Powerpuff Girls, where I sound all calm and mellow at one point, and crank it up to evil and demonic in the next. My voice is pretty deep, but not deep enough unfortunately, and I'm starting to think I took the wrong route with Tendril. Also, I should've bought a good pop filter for my mic, but the roles were going quick so didn't have time to lose. Again, thanks for the feed back. I'm glad to know my problems lie in my tech, rather than voice. I'll reply with your critique soon.

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SuperWisemon7/31/16 2:51pm
@Zeno I have the same microphone, and I've definitely need in getting something slightly better soon. Placing a blanket or similar fabric over the mic to isolate noise actually helped quite a bit while I was working without a pop filter, and I still have it there now while I have that filter. Noise removal on Audacity is a life saver as well!

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Dawonguy7/31/16 3:02pm
I probably could have put a wider variety of inflection on my takes. I guess I just took what I heard in my head and ran with it. My enunciation could probably use some work as well. I figured that a lot of stuff like that would be fixed when being directed.

@Zeno: I liked a lot of the auditions you made and were close to the voices in my head when I was reading. That being said, I think you were breathing into the mic a little bit which can likely be easily fixed with a pop filter or do what I do and position the mic a little off to the side yet still have it pointed at you.

(just refreshed the page to see lots of stuff)

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Zeno7/31/16 3:02pm

Aw man, I forgot about the noise removal. I was listening back to my Nabonidus takes, and I'm hearing the buzzing sound from those darn cicadas. God...I really wish I wasn't being so sloppy. Well, as I say: "Treat every mistake as a lesson to learn from."


Thank you so much for the feedback and taking my criticisms in stride. I can't believe I let all those technical problems slip by. I'm so full of regrets...

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SuperWisemon7/31/16 3:09pm
@Zeno Finding that sweet spot where you're still being picked up loudly by the microphone but not getting too close that it catches mouth pops or breathing can be a real pain. Anyway, you'll be able to do a lot better on your next auditions, I've no doubt. Technical problems are the easiest ones to solve, thankfully!

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Zeno7/31/16 3:47pm


From what I’ve seen from your auditions, you have a very gentle and calm voice, which I think worked very well for a calm, friendly, and caring character like this. Also, Bobby looks like a cat, which I think your voice also fits well for. I’m surprised you didn’t get this role really. The only suggestion I have is to emphasize “a big variable” on Line 2 and show more urgency in Line 3. Otherwise, I loved these takes.


I feel this was the weakest of the three because your voice didn’t really fit. Considering this character, I don’t think you voice has the right pitch to portray his timid nature. I think Kazekoe did this pretty well.


This is the type of voice I’d expect to hear from a bird-like character. I’m still not sure, but I think Igrath is a villain. I mean hell; he murdered his own wife to cover his back. I think you could’ve made your voice a little lower and slightly raspy to make him sound more sinister, yet cunning. That combined with your accent would’ve sounded awesome. Though that’s probably the Metal Gear fan in me talking.

Overall, I think your auditions were impressive. Some of your lines just need that "oomph" if you know what I mean and it's also good to work on your range. For now, I think you voice works best with more composed characters until you feel you can break your voice's threshold.

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SuperWisemon7/31/16 4:05pm

Oh crap, I totally remember trying to add some rasp on the Igrath audition, failing completely, then just going with the third take of the first line which was just slightly lower. I didn't have much of an idea on how the characters should sound in regard to the comic, so I winged it on all of them, so it makes sense that I missed the mark on Bill. I just went in with my normal tone as a last ditch effort and yeah it didn't really work out. I wish I had a better grasp of accents sometimes!

I'm glad I auditioned for Igrath and Bill, as I knew from the start that Bobby was the closest to my general voice, because it helped push out my range. But I should've gone more experimental and really tried to push myself, which I need to do next time.

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback!

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Zeno7/31/16 4:15pm

There are some voice exercises you can do to help make your voice more gravely, most of them involve screaming so I don't know if you'd wan to do that lol.

Yeah, I think that's how most voice acting auditions go. They just show you the character and a short bio, and how the character sounds is left to your interpretation. I think it's a nice way to show creativity. Still, it would be nice for these directors to at least hint at what they want. Really though, I saw you were casted in other things, so you're have way better luck than me. On another note, I think another voice you should've auditioned for was Nabonidus.

With all that said, thank you for being a good sport and suggesting the idea of bringing this to the forums. I hope more people find this board.

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