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aapur9/2/16 12:35pm
Name: Josh "Cyber Sheppie" Firebourn

Gender: Genderfluid - Usually female terms

Age: 27

Height: 57


Affiliation: SnowStone(Former), Troika

Skill Set: Intelligence, Eyes for detail, Eidetic Memory, Agility, Speed, Understanding of Firearms Functions

Equipment: (What she brings is situational)
- Custom Extra Heavy Springer Rifle, the "Thunderstrike"
- 2x Handguns
- 2x SMGs
- 1x Double-Barreled Shotgun
- 1x Short Sword

Power: Matter Manipulation
- Matter Manipulation: The ability to manipulate, alter and in other ways affect matter around her. From just moving things, to removing obstacles, or create them.
- Matter Deconstruction: Deconstructs matter to their base components(Protons, Neutrons and Electrons), and stores them in separate pocket dimensions.
- Matter Reconstruction: Sometimess called Digistruction, allows her to pull matter obtained from Deconstruction and Reconstruct it into items. From simple blades to firearms and vehicles. The more complex, the longer it takes to reconstruct it. If she is interrupted while constructing, the construction will stop and whatever she was construction remains in the state it was in when she was constructing it.

General Info:
Being able to construct weapons and tools, and wanting to serve a better cause, Josh decided to side with the Troika, and in return of metal that she deconstructs, she produces weapons. She is usually cheerful, loving her work, and making every weapon unique. However, if interrupted, she might end up punching the person interrupting her in annoyance.

Josh has a very positive look at life, almost always cheerful and positive. She takes great pride in her work too, every firearm she produces being no less than perfect. That's also why jamming, damaging or breaking them will upset her greatly. Instead of getting angry, she will humiliate whoever broke it through sass.

Josh started out working for a company overseas called SnowStone, working in the manufacturing department due her skills. Getting bored of doing the save every day, she got a small sailboat and decided to look for new shores. She eventually made it to Anduruna.
Curious and interested, she started by exploring, and would stop now and then to use her powers as a trick, hoping to earn a bit on street preforming. Sadly, this got her into trouble with the government, and so she had to flee.
She got injured while fleeing, and not much later, she was picked up by the Troika for her power, allowing a steady supply of weapons for them.

- Every weapon she constructs is unique. From engraving to functionality. She also tests each weapon at the shooting range before handing them out.
- She WILL be salty if someone keeps breaking the weapon she makes for them. Salt comes with sass.
- The Thunderstrike was a Springer Rifle she lifted from a Shocktrooper and modified.

((This is still a Work in Progress))

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