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Subscribe to this thread lilamah created by finlo on October 4, 2016

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finlo10/4/16 11:44am
in the alternate timeline.
Lilith and namah learned hoe to fuse into one dreamkeeper.

powers: life draining web.

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TalkedSpy10/16/16 1:50pm
I have the feeling you a fusion fetish for some reason. No offense. :3

Hold up, I have an idea. What if we combine every DK canon character, fuse them, make up their name, and their power also?

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finlo10/16/16 5:01pm

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BryanDimmsdale10/23/16 3:18am
Hmmm, shouldn't this be in the Character Cafe section? This is considered as an OC character.

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jake00710/26/16 12:21pm
or even a Bast and Lilith Fusion life draining flames now that sounds cool or even Namah and Bast Fusion a flame web

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