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Subscribe to this thread The Old Dark Mansion in Starfall created by Kymastrider on October 15, 2016

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Kymastrider10/15/16 8:29pm
Right it has been far too long since I last attended an RP, and since My last RP is pretty much over with I decided to throw out an idea for a new RP and see if anyone would be interested in joining.

The premise is a group of friends meet up in the Calypsa district for a two week camping trip up in the foresty Starfall region. The camping trip starts out cool and fun for a day or two until unforeseen circumstances separate the group, and they all end up wandering into this giant mansion out in the Starfall forests.

The group finds there way to this mansion one by one and the mansion seems big empty and abandoned, for now. I wanted to open up a story that involves mystery, discovery, and a bigger secret benief the surface of this strange haunting mansion. Would have to see how the plot unfolds with the assistance of who ever wants to be involved.

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joeden10/16/16 12:06pm
I'd love to get in on this. How old should our characters be?

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Kymastrider10/16/16 12:22pm
I was aiming for the teens, to 18 and over.

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joeden10/16/16 8:27pm
okay then when I can i'll have a character sheet up. Also I'm wondering would you be okay with a character with a rotating power attack?

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Kymastrider10/17/16 10:47am

I'm not sure what a rotating power is, care to explain?


I'd like to wait and see if maybe two or three more people want to join before I begin, after all it's suppose to start out as a group of friends going in a camping trip.

The plot itself is still a work in progress but I was thinking it would involve some supernatural forces at play in the mansion as well as it having maybe an alternate purpose due to it's remoteness. Could be that Dark DKs and even nightmares might use it for dark experiments for things like sandmen.

For some idea's I thought I would upload two videos to give people some ideas. One is a playthrough if the Resident Evil remake.

Or if people want to do a more supernatural plot without science of alchemy involved, another idea for inspiration would be an old japanese horror film that was the inspiration for RE called Sweet home.

Another idea could be an H.P. Lovecraft inspired story With the mansion being a starting point but they move to caverns and catacombs beneath the mansion discovering a much darker secret.

Some examples include a playthrough of Eternal Dark Sanity's Requiem.

And a short fanfilm of one Lovecraft's story's called Shadow out of Time.

I do hope these can help us develop a plot for this story.

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joeden10/17/16 6:11pm
What i mean is Basically his power has a multitude of abilities like Teleport Gaster Blasters bone missiles but he can only use each ability one at a time. If you know Sans from Undertale then you know his power, only weakened greatly.

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joeden10/17/16 6:13pm
A rewritten Jamie
Jamie Hellsing
Cloths he wears a big orange hoodie and work blue jeans. He also wears a pair of black runners.
Power: His power is a karma based power with a few exceptions. His power is that of Sans the skeleton he can summon bone projectiles teleport use telekinesis and has gaster blasters. However with the exception of the gaster blaster which fires a beam of energy the attacks are as effective to the person as the amount of Sins they've committed the other issue is the longer Jamie fights the more tired he becomes till the point he just falls asleep in the middle of the fight. If he's fighting a horrid person, his attacks are very effective. As so the opposite is true as well if he's fighting a good person his attacks are very weak save for the gaster blaster.

Jamie grew up in an upper middle class home with his parents. Going to school and coming home was his daily routine. When he was twelve he met his newborn brother, who he loved dearly. Often looking after him as his parents only got busier and busier. Taking his brother home from school changed his life as a freak accident with a cart took his brother.
Jamie then fell into drugs to cope just going by in a constant high to forget the guilt that maybe he could have done more. He continued through school getting avarage grades and so on, keeping the friends he had, even though they liked his happy go lucky personality they weren't always fond of the puns.

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Kymastrider10/17/16 6:13pm

sorry but I have never played Undertale and I don't know what a Gaster Blasters bone missiles is so I have no idea what you're talking about.

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joeden10/17/16 6:36pm
this is Sans from undertale using his powers Jamie's is a weakened version of this and (the giant bones Jamie can't do and in the game neither can Sans.)

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Kymastrider10/17/16 7:09pm

Alright well I don't know how to judge if that power is to powerful for this story. Perhaps when the circumstance comes into play it'll work out fine.

Also I don't know how Jamie ended up with the group going out on a camping trip but his past sounds awfully dark for the background of this story, and he sounds rather unstable.

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joeden10/17/16 7:55pm
I'll edit it when I get a chance I just wanted to get the sheet up from a previous posting before my comp crashed again

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joeden10/18/16 1:43pm
its updated.

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Kymastrider10/31/16 3:42pm

well so far it doesn't look like we have to many who are willing to join, I may just try contacting afew of the old members from our last RP to see if they might be interesting as a way to try and get this thing rolling

Also I think dave mentioned during one of his chats that in Andaruna they do not have tobacco or any substance you can smoke for pleasure.

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joeden11/6/16 3:37pm
Really? I could have sworn someone was smoking something in one of the comic panels. Oh well then how about a concoction that gets him high that sound good?

Also I only picked it because of past RPs where people did smoke in them. on this site like COTN and LOLYTH.

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Javelin11/7/16 3:02pm
hello guys I accept

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