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Subscribe to this thread The Old Dark Mansion in Starfall created by Kymastrider on October 15, 2016

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Kymastrider11/11/16 8:57am

I'm sure a concoction would work.


I'm sure with you on board we could begin to start this RP.

If anyone else wishes to join they could probably be someone we meet up who's also out camping or happens to wonder into the mansion later.

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Kymastrider11/11/16 9:03am
Kyma Biography

Kyma being a Resident of the Talocan District usually enjoys having fun and making new friends. He engages usually engages in some lazy beach activitys, as well as various hobbys that include video games.


Power: Movement acceleration

Like most Kyma is not entirely aware of his power, though it does allow him to move at faster than normal speeds, and if he can ever truly master it he can even teleport.

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joeden11/18/16 5:06pm
who are we waiting on?

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Kymastrider11/18/16 6:49pm

been alittle busy this week which is why I haven't posted, also Javelin is suppose to be joining us for now.

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Javelin11/26/16 11:07am

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Kymastrider11/27/16 8:15am

well if your committed to being part of the story you can go ahead and introduce yourself to the RP.

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Javelin12/4/16 8:02am
Lel Joeden I actually meant to kick it over to your feet for you to kick if you wanted

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Kymastrider12/5/16 8:13pm

The snow would only be near the summit of the mountains, our group is staying in the lower foresty area where it's warm.

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Kymastrider12/8/16 10:51pm

I dont think we have a name yet for your dreamworld marijuana drink in a vial.

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joeden12/9/16 9:22pm
let's just call it Azuna

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Javelin12/10/16 11:22am
is Sebastian/Javelin ballistic knife hidden in his tail ok for this RP or should I remove it from this RP?

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joeden12/10/16 11:49am
why do you need a Balistic knife hidden in your tail or one at all? aren't our characters suppose to be normal kids?

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Javelin12/11/16 10:02pm
I wasn't sure where it was headed with danger ahead, just a suggestion.

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joeden12/11/16 10:50pm
no worries but it just goes, that why would bringing a balistic knife be a thing on a camping trip. The only reason Jamie has drugs is because he's an addict escaping a painful memory of an accident.

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Javelin12/15/16 11:34pm
okydoky then

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