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Subscribe to this thread The Veiled Lands created by RashallVetkay on October 30, 2016

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RashallVetkay10/30/16 9:04pm
The Veiled Lands lie far to the Northwest and is diverse in its landscape which shifts from flat tundra to sheer sided canyons and then again to lush evergreen forest filled valleys. It would be a surprise to many then that this region, while large and full of flowing rivers and streams as well as dotted with many fresh water lakes, is very sparsely populated. This is mainly to do with the current state of affairs and the division between those Dreamkeepers that call this region home.

As noted the Veiled lands are split into geographically diverse areas. To the South are the Veiled Mt's themselves, this range of treacherous rocky mountains are what separates the Northern lands from the Southern lands. The range is treacherous in that the weather can change in an instant, going form sunny day to blizzard at the drop of a hat. Add to this the fact that flat ground is hard to come by, thus making camping nigh impossible for weary travelers. There are few who make a living here though, namely the Amber Peak tribe who inhabit one of the only livable valleys. Aside from the Amber Peak tribe the only other residents are those who wish not to be found, a great many bandits and brigands hide out among the rocky crags and caves that litter the range. Though these unfavorable's prey upon unsuspecting caravans they are smart enough to leave the Amber Peak tribe alone.

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RashallVetkay11/1/16 11:45am
A short note on tribes, clans, and nomads. Though these three descriptions are used throughout the veiled lands do not assume that these people are technologically inferior. The tech level of the Veiled lands is about equal to that of Anduruna in the South, with variations of course.

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