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Subscribe to this thread INSULT CONTEST!!! created by finlo on November 21, 2016

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finlo11/21/16 3:30pm
I m board, but after seeing the markiplier doing the "oh... sir!! the insult simulator" I should try it out on people in this site to see if there dreamkeepers have anything to say something bad and burning to each other.

winners keeps pride.

ready? GO!

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EngineerPearl012/14/16 3:49pm
This should be in spamundra but if you're sure...

Your DK's power must be lifting weights 1/10000th their size.

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EngineerPearl012/14/16 3:52pm
Please know I donít actually think that I was just trying to go with the thread, I'm sure your DK has an excellent power that compliments both of your personalities quite nicely

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ZycantAlpha12/14/16 8:29pm
"You're so pathetic and weak that the Nightmares have decided to let you live."

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finlo12/18/16 12:16pm
"if I was bast I say you cant even get lilith for once. because of your shtick that is shorter then whip's"

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ZycantAlpha12/18/16 2:58pm
Not bad at all! Kind of a classic.

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TalkedSpy12/22/16 6:05am
Yo my boi Zycant, listen. Yo DK looks like the rejected version of pikachu.

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ZycantAlpha12/23/16 11:40am
Good one!

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finlo12/24/16 10:58am
yo DK is a mock off of the chief from halo, they could sue you for trying to fit in.

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TalkedSpy12/24/16 4:28pm
Your avatar's hair made me think I was high for a second there.

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finlo1/15/17 10:12pm

yours looked its got a v3g1na for a face.

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ilvos011/17/17 12:36pm
"Whatever harm you do me today, fiend, I rest easy in the knowledge that your cowardice is at the core of your very being, inescapable, dragging down your spirit like an anchor. I do not feel poorly for you for the insult you make me today, but I do find within myself the barest dredges of pity for your poor, wretched life."

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finlo1/18/17 6:17pm
ilvos01, you got good at it.

infact, your good at everything.
but just to be sure of it, your are just trying.

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finlo2/7/17 7:53am
welp good insults everyone!

we have a winner here!
where did you get those from?
from a bad insult store?

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