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Subscribe to this thread OC Battle Tournament created by Kafelnikov on December 13, 2016

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Kafelnikov12/13/16 12:55pm
The OC Battle Tournament is about to start to see who will emerge as the victor to be forever immortalized in the DK card game!

The Bracket 1 matchups have been announced and can be found here:

An example battle between Mace and Ravat has been posted to serve as an example and inspiration for your own battle text:

Best of luck to all the contestants. Remember to vote in the upcoming battles and share taunts, memes and general shenanigans on social media using the hashtag #dreamkeepers!

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joeden12/15/16 11:47am
well for whoever owns the character Dae here's a full over overview on my character and how you can beat him.

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TruthQuest12/17/16 6:14pm
Time is running out Dreamkeepers, the MATCH:
"Arkius "Ark" Jackilak >>>vs<<< Viscaria "Vis" Lunarues Sonbird"
is running out of Time, so here I am, Viscaria's creator, making an honest-to-the-Spirits plea for your votes.
Help my girl survive the harshest of the harshest of the harsh, coldest of the cold, the anarchic assassan himself, Arkius "Ark" Jackilak!!!

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Kirito1/11/17 6:02am
Keep your eyes peeled! Round two will be starting soon with Taridium, Jay Kessler, Reagent, and myself along with a lot of other interesting characters!

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coolbreeze881/26/17 4:40pm
wish someone could have PMd me about this.

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coolbreeze881/26/17 4:43pm
damn now its too late. welp Tulsan can always make in the "X" edition.

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