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Subscribe to this thread Forum Consensus created by Prometheus on January 22, 2017

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Prometheus1/22/17 9:43pm
Just a side note, this thread is all my idea. Just wanting to gauge things for myself; me being a staff member and all.

So, after many months, it has come to my attention that out of the 397 users we have, approximately 10 to 15 of us actually post on a regular basis. The Discord group has become a far more popular hangout for the fanbase, so that would contribute to this decrease in activity.

With that being said, this thread is mainly meant as a roll call to see exactly who is still coming to this forum. You can explain your reasoning if you wish. This is just a poll to see how many of us still come here and post regularly.

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Kirito1/23/17 6:26am
I still check in every now and then. I'm obviously way more active on discord for those of you that are in it, though.

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wildcard1/23/17 11:11am
I rarely post or check in, there's really nothing to talk about. Whats this Discord thing?

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ZycantAlpha1/23/17 9:41pm
I'm still hoping to do some Rps, but overall I guess it's partially because I keep forgetting to check in the Discord and I kinda like saying hi to the people who pop in from here.

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Prometheus1/26/17 6:02pm
Thank you to you three for responding. Glad to see my Discord suspicion is confirmed.


It's a free chat service for gamers, but ends up doubling as an all-around chat room for all mediums. It's where the weekly Thursday chat sessions are being held and where most of the fanbase goes to talk about the series or whatever else there is to discuss. Hop on over if you have an account and want to keep up with happenings.

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TruthQuest1/27/17 3:22pm
I have no account for Discord and the only times I don't turn up here are when school work picks up.

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BryanDimmsdale2/1/17 5:20am
I come here very often. I'm just not logging in atm and no big topics yet to be discussed. I also can't think anything right now, and I have yet to find a perfect time for me to facilitate and edit the wiki.

I bet that this forum would be active again if volume 5 came out.

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Prometheus2/3/17 11:28am

Oh, yeah, that's true. This place should pick up once V5 is released. Of course, that's still a good year or so away, so it will just be the few of us here to keep it going.

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