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Subscribe to this thread Hooray, I'm new! created by DigitalBrave3 on March 29, 2017

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DigitalBrave33/29/17 6:35pm
Hey, I'm the new guy! I found out about Dreamkeepers back in 2013. I honestly can't remember how. I finally decided to join the forums here because, well, I just felt like it. Prelude is also incredibly damn cute, IMHO.

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ZycantAlpha3/30/17 7:17pm
Nice to meet you Brave! I think we're all pretty excited to see you join the forums (though most of the conversations happen on the Discord site right now - which I will eventually remember exists more often than 1-2 times a week, but that obviously doesn't mean that nobody checks in here to talk).

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Prometheus4/2/17 1:48pm

Greetings, DigitalBrave3! ^^ It is great to have another member in our little fold. :P

I am Prometheus, one of five moderators here keeping the peace. With me are TeamDK, DanWithTheHat, MobileCrusader, and PotatoFox. I am currently the only active moderator on duty, but don't be afraid to send any questions or concerns to either of us thru PM if you need something. ^^ You will get faster responses from me, though, so bear that in mind. ^^;

Now, on to the rules for this joint. XP

General Rules:

Adult Art/Discussion Rules:

And, that's that. Oh, and here is an invite to the official DK group on Discord. You will find far more activity there than in this ghost town. XD j/k, this place will see some life once V5 releases. :P

Enjoy your time here and hope to see you in the Discord group if you decide to join us there. :)

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AFox4/5/17 6:50pm

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TalkedSpy4/21/17 8:06pm
Hello newcomer! Name's TalkedSpy. Despite not much activity on the forums before, there's plenty of stuff to read on the threads and posts from other fellow users. I highly recommend going into Discord, if you don't mind downloading it and creating an account on there. Have fun! <3

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