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Subscribe to this thread Fae Winters created by xodathe4bdn1 on August 13, 2017

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xodathe4bdn18/13/17 11:43am
Though we still do not know yet much about her personality,
this concept however gives us a bit of a sneak peek

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Prometheus8/13/17 1:12pm
She is a very beautiful character. Love her design.

Would like to know what kind of sport she plays in that involves a katana. With weapon and Power control starting to clamp down tighter before the Toll Wars, I can't imagine that being a personal, nor legal weapon.

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Kymastrider8/17/17 1:04pm

I kinda doubt novelty weapons like that fall under the same strict regulations as firearms, Namah after all has a sword in her bedroom.

the government may as well ban kitchen knifes or meat hooks, or pretty much all pointed and sharp objects if that was the case as pretty much anything and everything can be used as a murder weapon.

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Prometheus8/17/17 1:55pm

While I'm inclined to agree, kitchen knives and other utility items aren't a good example since those are everyday tools needed for hundreds of tasks and having those banned would cause a major hailstorm for the government. Plus, even if that sword of Namah's is real, I doubt she would ever use it since she would not want to throw away her easy, yet restrictive lifestyle. So, however she got it, she is trusted enough to keep it.

As strict as the city has gotten in the years leading up to the Toll Wars, I'm sure swords and other novelty weaponry would be deemed illegal to even carry, let alone use. So, whatever Fae's sword is for, it couldn't possibly be for lethal intentions.

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Kymastrider8/17/17 2:38pm

I still find that to be alittle to paranoid. That still doesn't explain Namah's Sword in her room, and does that mean the government just destroys old historic relics or museum pieces? It's not like you can use a sword or weapons like that to start a revolution, (not sucessfully anyway) plus if you wanted to use a sharp object to commit a murder or rob someone, there are plenty of other options, you're not even allowed to have a replica sword to keep on your wall or train with at a dojo? Sorry but I'm just not buying it at this time, not without further conformation from the creator.

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Prometheus8/17/17 7:00pm

Well, that's the thing. We've only seen her ref sheet so far. We don't know what the sword is for, why she has it, or what she does with it. She could be a member of a centuries-old assassin's fellowship, for all we know, causing too much trouble for Nabonidus and that's why she was murdered. Until we see her in action, we won't know for sure. But hey, that's what speculation is all about.

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TruthQuest8/17/17 9:48pm
It isn't visible with the newly redesigned site yet, but there was a small treatises on marriage customs. In on of the historical references, one of the districts had a history of sword fighting between the bride and groom as part of the ceremony. They'ed have a hell of a time outlawing marriage customs/practices.

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Prometheus8/18/17 9:03am

Heeeeey, you found it before I could. I knew I saw something in either the map or the history section that said something about marital duels or something like that.

So, perhaps Fae and Igrath will have a sword duel as their way of making the marriage official.

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