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BryanDimmsdale3/23/18 5:27am
Okay guys, it’s been long overdue that I’ve created another theory. This might be my first time again since the previous ones, but I assure you that it’ll be a concrete one. Now, I can no longer remember the details as clearly as they first enter my mind. Due to delays I’ve been doing other important stuff lately and I can’t just sit down and type my ideas because I know it’ll will be very, very long. So, some of them I may forget now, but hopefully if I remember them I’ll be sure to add on this theory.

Okay, so time to debunk some things here. First and foremost, Nabonidus is Dreamkeeper. I have thought of this long and hard, and look for answers before coming up with this conclusion. If I had it right now all the info I copied from the chat and DK history I have read, including the V4 and the patreon parts, I would have remembered all the details, but I’ll update them here if I found them. So, for now, there’s someone in the chat that have discussed about this a while back, and apparently Nabonidus job is an architect, builder, or archaeologist; somewhere along those lines. Now, the question is, how come he’s already stated as a Nightmare with power if in the beginning he’s just a simple man? Clearly him, maybe including Azaru (need to confirm this and go back) are Dreamkeepers. Nightmares or bad dark Ones, as they called them in the old days, do not exist in their timeline yet, or apparently existed but not focused on, but based on their world, they are just simple people doing simple stuff back in the all days. The only thing different here are the Spirits, gods/goddesses, angels; whatever you may call them are already here.

Now let’s focus on Serapis for a bit shall we? We all know that Nabby and her have somethin somethin going on right? It’s because of their complex relationship and lust for power eventually lead to nightmare invasion and fcked up history in their world. Azaru betrayed the DK and went into the dark side. And after the long blah blah blah (just a placeholder cause I really need to look for them), Nabonidus and Serapis came into power and became “Nightmares” themselves, but eventually their factions are split up. Now again, raising the question, if Nabonidus is a nightmare, why would he go over the trouble and kept the DKs alive instead of killing them? Other than playing with his toys, it’s because it’s his former race, and it wouldn't make sense if I am a nightmare and I let these being who are right there in front of me annoy me and not kill them, right? Oh Void, yeah, that general is stupid and lazy, and didn’t finish the job and expected Azaru to finish the job for him, which kinda fail.

I’m not gonna discuss the rest of the story (unless you guys wanna clarify some stuff and I need to find it in order to post this theory completely), cause I think a number of you already read this or seen Zephyr’s post about it. And if you do wanted to know, I think that might be another time or later if I will fill in the blanks.

Skipping on the present day, why does Nabonidus wanted Mace? Why does a nobody like Mace be the chosen one, and what’s got to do with Nabonidus, and him being a DK? Well in my theory, the answer is simple, it’s because of his powers, or rather…
**...his LACK of powers! You heard me, *“NO powers”*.**
Okay, guys, hold on, lemme explain why. And this is the exciting part, haha. XD
Why would Nabonidus chose a nobody like Mace with no powers (if the hypothesis is assumed true)? Well, the answer is seemed to be something out of the blue again…

**Because Mace is Nabonidus’ successor and inheritance of power!**

Okay okay guys! Come down, I haven’t explained it yet why. But I know you will eventually have a ton of questions for me. And most of them are these:

Where did you get the idea that Mace has no powers?
What gives me the idea of Mace being a successor of Nabby’s ruling and powers?

Lemme answer no. 1 first. The reason why I said this answer is, it all comes down to that picture, the commissioned picture that Dave drew. The picture where the main cast’s counterparts are running away from their furry DK selves. If you guys can give me a link to the picture again, that’ll be very helpful. :)

Here’s the thing, and let me blow your minds a little bit, *just a little bit*. Simple question, where’s human-version Whip? Can you spot him? If you do, I’ll give you a fair share of my internet cookies and plot vault goodies in pm, especially if you guys guess who he is, I might wait in a sec.

...Do you guys figure it out now?

If your answer is human Mace, then you are correct. Whip = Mace, well, a half of him. You see, it really seems like most of the time, they are always together. Whip used his powers way earlier on, and you can’t even see the halo, thus indicating he is this “powerful already”, and Mace still hasn’t activated his until now. Plus, based on the drawing, we couldn't see human-counterpart Whip in the picture other than human Mace, and DK Mace is at his side. Another interesting easter egg that Dave gave to us is his White Halo (*whaaaattt??*), which is also seen in Nabonidus, furthering the proof that Nabby’s a DK. White represents blank, clear, nothing. It also represents pure, unblemished, new. And it makes total sense since Dave here is a history, cryptology, and folklore buff. Search for the names of characters, places, location, events in the DK world. You can clearly see if you type them to google, most of them has a relationship with histories, myths, and fairytales. So the halo is no different. And even tho that comic is non-canon, it is certainly a huge hint, a plot vault opener if you will, hidden in plain sight.

What about his strength? Well, it’s obvious at this point that it’s kinda meaningless now because whenever you activate your powers, you’ll have physical buff and strength boost, as proven and confirmed by Dave himself. That means, whatever his powers are, their all on Whip, his half, his other catalyst. And since he has no powers, if the guess is true, then he’s basically an “empty shell”. And this is where Nabonidus and question number 2 comes in.

You see, I doubt that Nabonidus can be immortal forever. He is once a DK, and will die a DK. Now what does he do? He needed Mace so he can pass on his memories, powers, will, and everything to him, even his goal. One of his goal might be is “To unite Dreamkeepers and Nightmares in harmony”. It seems very doubtful, but it might be the case. And since Mace is “empty”, he can pass on everything to him without Mace being “overloaded” and be “tormented” due to conflict. Is this possible? The answer may be yes, and the was done before by Serapis to the twins in a similar way. As proof in the story, and in the history.

So, your minds have been blown apart now? Well, sorry about that. I think we are gonna need more than a few bandages to fix that out, and I’m sure you guys have a lot of questions at this moment. So please pm me if you want to confirm things in private, or you want to share your opinions of this theory in the spoilers section.

I hope that same explosion happens to the plot vault area once Dave release the later volumes of GNS, and potentially in the prelude. Oh, it’s been a very long time since I have done this, and hopefully I didn’t lose my touch.


Any questions?

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AlextheTeknian3/23/18 11:29am
Cool a recent thread and a very cool theory at that. I like this theory of Mace being a empty shell with no powers for Nabonidus to take over. makes me truly wonder how Nabonidus really looks like. well the only question I can think of is if Paige might have something special going on in the future volumes involving Mace and Nabonidus?, or she was simply a tragic death. its very probable it will remain just a tragic death, but you never now. Dave can surely do surprising plot twists.

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