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Subscribe to this thread Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time created by Animefan18 on February 21, 2013

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Animefan182/21/13 8:51pm
a discussion on the game ( read if you played/beat the game )

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xir11110112/22/13 9:46am
I loved it... all the way up to the ending.
SPOILER ALERT (I suppose), but jeez, it really feels like they're dragging it on now... I mean, there really was no reason for it to end the way it did. The whole game was pretty awesome and I felt like they stuck to the roots that made the game great, while really improving on aspects that needed it... up until the end, which felt like a cop-out for another game.

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ezioauditore972/22/13 6:14pm
The cel-shaded graphics are truly stunning and the physics and platforming are very solid.

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Animefan182/22/13 6:43pm
I enjoyed the game also, i did not watch a walkthrough because it deserved to be played and the game had some ups n downs

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Mutations20002/25/13 9:00pm
I'm not quite at the end yet, but I'm close, and all I have to say is... Why, Penelope?! WHY?!

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Animefan182/25/13 10:30pm
@ Mutations2000 : I know ! ! ! when she first disappeared, my brain was coming with possibilities why

1) due to the thievious racoonus being erased. 2) kidnapped somehow. 3) somehow forced to do this

and when I saw Penelope I was in total denial that she would betray the team, then more possibilities why Penelope was doing this. dialogue mode activate ! *BOOP* 'NO W- wait, bently maybe she's not doing this on purpose, maybe she's trying to get info out of Paradox. ' but alas no, Bently and Penelope were the perfect couple . TT-TT

maybe in sly 5 she'll be back only to realise she made a mistake

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MobileCrusader2/18/14 11:09pm
I really enjoyed the game and the gameplay throughout the entire instalment, especially the new art style. I do feel a bit let down by the ending though... not nearly as memorable as clockwerk or even Dr M.

That said, I was one of the losers that preordered the game lol. In fact, I bought my PS3 just to play it.

And now I feel bad for bumping a really old thread.

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ezioauditore972/19/14 6:20pm
Well another Sly game is in the making although I sincerely hope they don't use the same art style as the movie; seriously hope they stick to Sanzaru's style if they're doing it.

BTW please do not feel bad for bumping an old thread!Please feel free to partake in any threads that interest you!

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 8:33pm
Yea, I'm really depressed about the direction of the movie. I really would have liked a heist story from between the games rather than a rehashed origin story.

And the animation looks odd.

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ZycantAlpha2/20/14 7:42am
Well, I suspect it's artistic license and that the game's keeping with the more cartoony style for the 5th installment.

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 8:41am
I loved Sly4's art style, and hope its similar to the direction they take for the 5th instalment.

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Animefan182/20/14 5:10pm
the trailer made me facepalm, I wish suckerpunch still kept the rights to sly

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 6:22pm
i shed a single tear of heartbreak when i saw the trailer.

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ezioauditore974/11/14 4:53pm
I simply hope that Sanzaru is allowed to keep making games and not having to change the designs to the ones off of the movie since Sanzaru's designs are at least true to the characters.

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MobileCrusader4/11/14 6:24pm
This much I hope for also.

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