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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Thegunner18
Soren Kjaer
Gender: Male
Power: Corrosive Acid
District: Margate
Affiliation: N/A
Quote: "Nothing is out of our reach."
Motive: Unlocking the secret to the powers of dreamkeepers.
Allies: Friends with many, but trusts only a select few to know the true motive behind his work.
Enemies: Bureaucrats, politicians, and shock troopers
About: Age: 25

Species: Eurasian Lynx

Height: 5'9"

Eye Colour: Light blue

Halo Colour: Turquoise

Power: Corrosive Acid

(Description WIP)

Appearance: When he isn't donning his lab coat, safety glasses and blue latex gloves in the lab, a casual t-shirt and blue jeans are usually Soren's go-to clothes. A black band of fur runs up the bridge of his muzzle in between his eyes until it merges with his dark brown hair. His light brown fur is softly spotted with subtle black smudges.

The feline has also managed to lose the top of his right ear trying to get away from an illegal black market deal that took a turn for the worse. Not something he really likes talking about. In terms of his other facial features, however, he's been told that they're very 'soft' and actually somewhat feminine.

Personality: Diligent, ambitious, outgoing: Soren is one confident S.O.B who's determined to make his mark on the world. If a revolutionary find is in reach of him, nothing will stop him from getting to it. Not even the law if he can possibly help it. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, no opportunity like that had ever arisen. Perhaps if one ever had, he would have locked horns with law enforcement on more than one occasion.

Ambition is Soren's drug, so to say. Ambition and hope that what he finds will save lives.

Any of his discoveries, are purely for the benefit of the people of Anduruna. Or, at least, that's what Soren insists. To be honest, nobody really has any reason to disbelieve him. He's truthful and straight to the point when needed, but can sometimes end up getting overly excited when talking about his work - not something he gets to do often.

Getting to know Soren on a more personal level brings out a very caring, kind-hearted person who's always willing to listen to the troubles of others and lend a hand where a hand needs lended. Many of his decisions are fuelled by his emotions. Occasionally, that does make him blind to reason and rationality.

He loves to joke around with his friends now and then just to get away from the stress that his work sometimes imposes on him. However, love itself is something that's eluded him so far.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 545

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 3:15am September 2 2016:
Thanks for the comment, scottie :D I think you're right that telekinesis could technically work that way too, yeah. People don't normally think of it in that way, though, so this might be simpler to explain (at least to me, anyway ^.^)

I just realised as well that taking energy from the surroundings is like being the embodiment of the heat death of the universe which might be a little OP hahaha. There is a limit to the amount of energy that can be stored before it needs to be released again, too.