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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of RennisTora

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Gender: Male
Location: Canada
Birthday: February 3 1989
Age: 32
Personal Quote: What ever floats your boat, so long as that doesn't sink someone elses.
About: Well I like to collect stuff like: Swords and other melee weapons, armour, old tools, coins, and little nicknacks and bobbles that catch my fancy.
I grew up around old cars thanks to my father taking my brothers and I to car shows while growing up.
I'm 6 feet and 1/5 inches tall, have dark brown hair and eyes.
Collecting things.
Vintage cars.
Unnecessary violence.
Joined Forum:February 12th 2013 5:08pm (3147 days ago)
Last Seen:March 24th 2016 8:29pm (2010 days ago)
Total Posts:17
Latest Post:I really want to see Tinsel get upstaged here but, I'm worried it will end ...
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