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Gender: Female
Location: The visceral membrane between Terra and Aera
Birthday: May 22 1996
Age: 25
Personal Quote: Reality is a very multifaceted concept, wouldn't you say?
About: I am going to post my heart here, for you guys, about me, and about most all of my very dark secrets that I believe those whom've decided to revisit my profile deserve to know. Please don't spread this around. I put my heart out here for you, admire it or not.

First off, let me just say I'm sorry for lying to any and all of you.

I am very, very sincerely sorry for any type of grief or malcontent any of this knowledge gives to you.

Scroll down.


My real name is Dylan, but my preferred name is Amber.

I am a pre-op male to female transgendered being.

I have reoccuring dreams nonstop about the dreamworld, many places like Anduruna are reoccuring places for me to see, Kojiki, Margate, Sabbaton, Talocan, all of the districts, I've seen them. Very awe inspiring. But, as we all know, Anduruna isn't all sparkles and sunshine.

My voice is of a very deep bass, not even baritone, but through self-vocal training and choir training, i've trained my falsetto to be as high as a tenor or a mid soprano.

I enjoy french as a language.

I've been lying about my age to be older because I experience time at a much slower rate than most. It feels like it's been a good ten or so years i've been registered on this site.

I've been drawing since the young age of 3, and even though I don't draw much anymore, every time I pick up a pencil or pen, I feel as if I've improved, miraculously. I don't even know how. It often takes me days to complete a work of art I am proud of, however.

The markings on my character Aria (and also myself) are apparently from a crest of a dying family, the house of Keiriele, which are a family known as the living embodiment of the winds of change. It took me a long time to finally get that information.

I have had relationship-worthy interest in several people on the forums here for the guises they've taken. However, I'm in a very happy relationship right now, and I hope you too will find something greater than I.

And I really, sincerely love and miss all of you here, thank you.

Yeah, even you.

If you've decided to read this, or re-read this, DM/PM/IM me. Or don't. This is the first time or place I've publicly admitted most of this.
I'm online here:

Mikhail Kalishnikova
And all of you I have memorable RP experiences with. I love all of you.
All of my RP characters
All of Anduruna
And you guys, for knowing me and being here with me.
'Convenient' suprises
Cheap tricks.
People who zealously dislike and speak out against something they do not understand.
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