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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of ThrasherGuy

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Gender: Male
Location: 'Murka
Birthday: February 8 1991
Age: 30
About: Wannabee artist and musician, furry but don't worry, I'm not a horse f*cker.
I'm online here:

metal (old school stuff usually)
detailed art of any kind
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Non-metal music (progressive rock, jazz, folk, etc)
People who try too hard to be tough that they come off funny and amusing
People who feel like they need to go to great lengths defending someone or something (same goes with hating [unless it's funny])
People who still talk about the death of Dimebag Darrel
People who choose friends through music tastes
"Cake is a lie"
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Latest Post:My name is Josh. Was DeathManiac91 on the previous forums and YiffInHeaven ...
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