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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of skarajwulf

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Gender: Male
Location: Alaska
Birthday: March 12 1971
Age: 50
Personal Quote: when a man is pushed to the limits he capable of anything.
About: im not much of a massive RPing person but i do my best.
i am usually quiet around people i do not know and keep my distances
I always am aware of surroundings and i prefer actions over words lots of times
im also quiet shy so excuse me if at first im very silent.
i have actually served in Russian military but that was long ago.
today i reside in Nome,Alaska just surviving off the land and well what little resources are nearby....which has taught me A LOT about surviving alone like a lone wolf.
I'm online here:

check me out on (username is Wolfysharp)

or via steam:

small teams
lone wolfing
winter and cold
true justice
strict rules
loud noises
corruption or lazy politics.
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