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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Kirito
Gender: Male
Power: Knife Projection
District: Ruskol District
Affiliation: Dreamkeeper
Quote: "Let's get this over with"
Motive: Protect his friends, Stay Alive
Allies: All friendly DreamKeepers
Enemies: Nightmares/Dark Dreamkeepers
About: Beta was born and raised in the Ruskol District. He's 18 years old and dreams of adventure. He oft participates in nighttime shenanigans with his few friends he's made over the years. He's very quiet at first, and tends to intimidate people at first glance because of his wolfish appearance. He is very outgoing and protective with his friends.

Appearance (some of this is my appearance in real life, denoted with the '+' symbol to maintain within the canon expectations):

Light Blue Eyes
taller than average height, about 5'11.5 +
Plantigrade Legs
18 years old
Dark grey hair

Born and raised in the Ruskol District, Beta was brought up by his two parents. When Beta was 14, his parents divorced, which left Beta in a state of slight shock for almost a year. He currently lives at his home in Ruskol with his mom, although he pretty much takes care of himself. He dreams of adventure somewhere else; to get out of his home and see the world.

Power and limitations: Beta has the ability to project knives and wield them as he desires.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1125

Latest Scene: In I have questions about the RPs at 1:05pm May 5 2016:
Hey there!

Here's a helpful thread on general guidelines for creating and joining RP's:

As for your first question- Owners are allowed and usually make their own rules. RP's are flexible, so the rules are as well.

The dice system is used generally during combat. However, they can also be used for actions that involve chance or risk of failure. As Joeden described, it's on a 1-2, 2-3, etc system.

Any Additional questions feel free to PM and what not 8^)

Hope that helped!