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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Wulfspyder

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Gender: Male
Location: Arkansas, USA
Birthday: October 20 1987
Age: 33
About: So hey, I'm a pretty avid reader and video game player. Often during the day and evenin' you can find me on one of my gamer accounts, but in general my Steam account is on at all times that I'm at home. I'm interested in RPing here, but have never really cared for doing so in a forum set-up, much preferring a live chat. If you'd like to spring one up with me on the live chat, I'll keep a copy'n'paste log of it somewhere for future reference. Should you find me on the live chat but I do not respond in a timely fashion, ping the unholy out of me. If that does not work, I've likely gone to get a drink or a hotdog, or a taco, or something anyway, and will be back momentarily. Hope to meet and greet some new folks on the live chat, cya there.

Friends: Roan, Alt( or Althis, or AlthisMegas)
I'm online here:
-Cute girls
-Avatar (Aang and Korra)
-Unwarranted hostility/dickishness
-Bad adaptation movies
Joined Forum:June 8th 2013 8:58am (3033 days ago)
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