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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of AlcorTheMonkey
Alcor Canopus
Gender: Male
Power: Reflective Shield
District: Talocan
Affiliation: Independent
Quote: "Things happen all the time, but life goes on"
Motive: Unknown
Allies: Anyone willing to be his friend
Enemies: Unknown
About: About: Alcor always thought about working hard for his future, thinking about making choices and trying to see the posibilities of them even if he made mistakes, but because of this he might also come as "Indecisive" or even "insecure", despie this he hasn't stopped himself from trying and always Taking the critical approach.

He Has considered joining Troika but still haves his doubts about it.

He resembles a Monkey with yellow fur and Red hair, his feet are also fluffy and he haves a bobtail.

Personality: Most of the time Alcor is aloof from Serious matters unless they directly threaten him or his friends, he's very laid back when he's resting but most of the time he tries his best to overcome obstacles, despite this he can also come of as rude and undecisive unless it's required quickly, specially when it comes about his future, He isn't very sure about what he wants to do with his future, he can also be hot headed at times.

Alcor's power Allows him to cast a shield that will reflect any projectile or long range attacks but he will feel some pain from those, he can keep it as long as he can endure the pain, the pain is not as much as taking the full blow.

It can also be used offensively by enclosing opponents on it and reflecting their projectiles the momment they attack but the effect will still be the same.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 7

Latest Scene: In Hunting Party at 8:51am July 29 2016:
Alcor smiles after hearing the question
"Sure, I don't mind sparring a little, but I'm a bit rusty hehehe"
he cracks his knuckles as he responds