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Pencil Lineart Commission
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Pick up a polished pencil lineart commission by David Lillie.

Pencil commissions involve one or two characters in black and white, on a blank (or lightly implied) backdrop.

Art is hand-drawn in pencil on 8.5 x 11 printer paper- David's medium of choice since he was a kid- and tucked safely into a plastic sleeve for delivery to your doorstep.

Fine Print-
Depictions of canonical Dreamkeepers characters are aligned with the general rating level of the graphic novel series.
We generally draw SFW but may be open to tasteful nudity, inquire at if you would like to review an idea prior to purchase.
While we aim to deliver a digital scan as well as the original drawing, in the event of a lost parcel we will send a printout of the art signed by David as a replacement.