Prelude Collection 2

The misadventures of Mace, Namah, and the whole gang in our second lushly illustrated 1st-edition hardcover collection.

With its foundation in childhood magic (and chaos), Prelude Collection 2 follows our cast as they explore darker territory.  Revelations rock Lilith's world as she stumbles onto secrets that unleash an army of therapists, while Bobby bumbles into a fraud scheme that puts his life on the line- as Vi steps up to protect it. 

220+ pages of  full-color comics, lovingly illustrated by creator duo Dave & Liz, explore all these and more crucial Dreamkeepers story threads.  First editions come nestled in a luxurious fully illustrated spot-gloss slipcase, and the hardcover itself sports glimmering holographic-silver foil stamps.  Plus special seasonal comics, autobiographical cartoons, and creator commentary.  Don't let your library miss out on this collectible art book.