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WYIT 3D-printed figurine


Wyit's veiled adventures have at last taken him to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of...  Your desk!  

Modeled with meticulous detail, this is your one and only chance to own the first-ever figurine based on Reagan Lodge's upcoming indie graphic novel.  

At 5 inches and 3D-printed in hefty high fidelity photosensitive resin, the figurine Shar hunts will be safely secreted away in your personal collection.  Painted figurines are hand-crafted with a combination of airbrush and brushwork techniques, and due to labor are highly limited.

Delivery is expected in December 2022 🎅 to accommodate manufacturing & fulfillment time. These models are being printed to order, and it will take time to get them produced and prepped for fulfillment.

Note- the sample images here are of a prototype only, the final model may have slight fine tuning or additional detail, and the unpainted material will be an unprimed matte yellow, not gray.

Also available in the store during Couchcon, add a brushed-silver-finish 8x10 metal print of Reagan's original reference art to complete the collection.