Of the favorite creatures to keep as pets in Anduruna, ryuu-nekos indisputably top the list. But bright-eyed intelligence and fluffy affection are only a part of their appeal. Easily trained, they fill purposes ranging from nighttime household guardians, pest hunters, mail fetchers, even alarm clocks. And, with their rudimentary opposable thumbs, assiduous mischief makers. However, there is a serious side to ryuu-neko ownership.

Ryuu-nekos have a very unique life cycle. They reach adulthood in four years, but 'adulthood' and 'fully grown' are not synonymous. Indeed, nobody really knows how large ryuu-nekos can become. Their size is dependant upon diet. If they consume beyond their current needs, the excess nutrition will trigger a corresponding growth spurt. Licensed Anduruna pet owners must adhere to daily calorie feeding guidelines, to ensure their pets stay within certified weight limits. In nature, ryuu-nekos have been known to reach thirty feet in length, and possibly longer. Ryuu-nekos of this size generally have less fur, but develop claws, teeth, and horns. Large wild ryuu-nekos are predatory and potentially very dangerous.

Fortunately for the breeding industry, it is possible for adult ryuu-nekos to reproduce regardless of size. Hobby and professional breeders specialize in creating pure-bred ryuu-nekos, in addition to exotic cross-breeds and elusive black or white color tufts. Although occasionally something truly unique will break out of the eggshell, most ryuu-nekos are various combinations of the primary types listed below. They are capable of completing a full reproductive cycle annually, yielding a clutch of one to five eggs. Wild ryuu-nekos seem disposed to breed within their subtypes, which makes crossbreeds in nature exceedingly rare. Their breeding cycles also extend as their size increases, with the largest adults rarely if ever breeding. Life expectancy is tied to a ryuu-neko's size as well. The domesticated pets generally live for fifteen years, whereas full sized natural specimens can live to be nearly one hundred.
Water ryuu-nekos can store water in two large glands on either side of their neck, and squirt it out in a high pressure stream. In larger specimens, this stream is so powerful it can erode stone. Water ryuu-nekos also have the ability to sense the nearest source of water, making them excellent desert companions. Waters are especially empathetic towards their owners, ranking among the most affectionate of the breeds.

Fire ryuu-nekos can take a lot of effort to tame even from a young age. They are free spirited, temperamental, stubborn - and their tendency to spit jets of flaming saliva makes their care even more difficult. However, once their trust has been won, they are the most loyal and protective of all breeds. Their fierce devotion is coveted by any ryuu-neko enthusiast who cannot attain it.

Spark ryuu-nekos are the most hyperactive and energetic. Unendingly curious, they’re constantly sprinting about and poking their heads into things. They are incessantly intrigued by their owner's every move, and love to watch (and meddle with) their everyday activities. Hyper as sparks are, as soon as they tire, will flop into exhaustion for hours. When startled, their hair generates a strong static charge to shock enemies and sneaky children.

Plant ryuu-nekos are precociously happy creatures, and anyone owning one can look forward to a lighthearted and playful companion. Eager to please, they make one of the best pets out of all the ryuu-nekos. Their unique fur consists of velvety leaf-shapes which are extremely soft to the touch. Also singular is their saliva, containing a special aloe with healing properties. Whenever their owner gets a scrape or a bruise, the plant ryuu-neko can heal it with a kiss.

Rock ryuu-nekos are happily awkward things, adventurous yet clumsy above ground. Under the earth, however, they are the masters of their environment. Using large digging claws, they tunnel through dirt with ease. Although one of the least popular breeds due to their lackluster coloration, their personality is among the most endearing. Watching them good-naturedly bumble around can provide hours of entertainment.

Dark ryuu-nekos are notoriously mischievous, malevolent, and even harder to manage than fire ryuu-nekos. Rare is the pet owner with the patience and force of will to train one. Even a successfully domesticated dark ryuu-neko makes for a challenging pet, as they will be vicious towards other dreamkeepers and ryuu-nekos. In the wild, their primary dietary staple is cannibalism. But once you get to know them, they make for intriguing pets with a... distinctive sense of humor.

Air ryuu-nekos are the rarest breed to be found in captivity. If they don't want to be caught they can move like quicksilver, and possess a satirical aptitude for sliding through nets and traps. Toying with hunters seems to give them some level of amusement. They’re incomparably beautiful singers, able to compose melodies suiting the weather and their moods.