Books are HERE!

by David Lillie - Posted 10 months ago

Prelude Collection 2 books are HERE!   Close call due to rain, but David activated Hero Mode and we got 'em indoors in time.  (See bottom vid.)

So what now?

Metallic sharpie signatures!  I'll be doing sharpie sketches & signatures with Liz in a giant pile of hardcovers.  Might take a week or so, then they ship back to the fulfillment center- and once everything is processed, it will be DELIVERY TIME for the Prelude Collection 2 campaign.

So backers- it's getting close!

If you *didn't* get in on this campaign, we will see how many books are left after the dust settles- stay tuned to the newsletter, they'll be getting first dibs.

And speaking of campaigns!  Reminder that the Skirmish video game campaign is now in the final days- lock in Ruthless (and maybe that Vi pajama skin) and help us get the first fully animated Dreamkeepers project into steam.

From books to games and beyond- thank you everyone for enjoying Dreamkeepers and helping us make more of it.