Couchcon 2024 Schedule

by David Lillie - Posted 1 month ago

Couchcon is coming at the end of this month!  The official schedule is below.  Info on commission slots, auctions, submissions for the Redline Clinic, and more beneath the schedule.


June 28-30 2024


Friday June 28:

Saturday June 29:
Sunday June 30:

There will be one auctioned slot for a full-color commission, and ten single-character polished lineart commissions for Associate Producer backers (one for each backer of that tier, on patreon & subscribestar).
Details on the commissions can be reviewed here..

Two more Associate Producer tiers will be made available on the Patreon before Couchcon at the following times;
  • June 21 6:30pmEST
  • June 23 12:00pmEST (noon, daytime)

Redline Art Clinic

Submit your art now, and watch David redline and provide tips live on stream.  We'll try to get through as many as we can during the Redline events.

Traditional Fanart Contest:

The yearly tradition continues!

  This contest will be fore SFW images rendered by hand through analogue or digital means. Meaning you may not use AI image generation for this category in your product.

There's not much to go over other than this contest is, of course, for fanart of Vivid Publishing characters from any series under our banner!

Limit: 1 Entry per contestant

Deadline: 12am EST Sunday 06/30/2024

Winner receives:

An original sketch from Dave and Liz!

AI Fanart Contest:

Trying something new this year!  

Some of the readers are having fun with AI, and we thought it'd be neat to have a little contest for who can make the best Dreamkeepers illustration using AI tools.  

This contest is strictly for Dreamkeepers Characters, SFW images, and images created in part or completely with AI image generation.

Peronally, we recommend installing a local version of stable diffusion A111 webui, using Pony Diffusion V6 XL as a base model (an incredibly high quality base model allows creators to opt-out if they do not want their work used to train the model), and using a LoRA that was trained on Dave and Liz's art (which is allowed) to help assist the software in rendering dreamkeepers characters, that is designed to work with pony diffusion.

If you have never used an AI program before, you can usually go to sites like CivitAI where models are hosted, and see what kind of prompts, models, and other things people use to generate high quality images.

These are all, of course, just guidelines. If you want to use something like an online generator built into a site like CivitAI or NovelAI, there is no way for us to tell, or stop you!

You will however, be judged heavily SHAMED if you submit monstrosities with 6 fingers, 3 legs, etc. So put some effort in, and maybe learn to inpaint on A111.

Limit: 1 Entry per contestant

Deadline: 12am EST Sunday 06/30/2024

Winner receives the same prize as the Traditional Fanart contest:

An original sketch from Dave and Liz!

Sales & Specials:

We'll be offering some original pencil illustrations in the Dreamkeepers store, along with discounts and specials- and keep your ears open, the rumored "second storefront" (only for 18+) may be opening during Couchcon weekend!

With video game production ongoing, we're pretty busy this year so we're not juggling as many guests as we have in years past.  But we're looking forward to having some fun together regardless!  

See you at Couchcon.