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Every individual in our world has a unique dreamkeeper counterpart in the Dreamworld — our only defense against the Nightmare legions.

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From spring-powered weapons to living wooden superstructures, find out what makes life in Anduruna more comfortable...  Or more dangerous.

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Eldritch horrors from beyond existence invading the Dreamworld- and no, they did not bring party favors.

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Evolving through war, monarchy, and intrigue, delve into the rich history of Anduruna.

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Ryuu Nekos

These elemental creatures serve as the perfect pets- just be careful they don't grow to the size of dragons.

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Anduruna Map

Welcome to Anduruna, the largest known city in the Dreamworld. Encircled by the legendary 'Sky Road' wall with a circumference of 440 miles, the area encompasses all strata of society from the affluent to the impoverished. Seven culturally distinct districts comprise the city itself, with farming and trading settlements accenting the surrounding landscape. Click an area of the map to learn more.

Starfall Mountains

Glowing softly in the night, the Starfall mountains represent the westernmost barrier of Anduruna. Their signature luminescence is due to volcanic activity which constantly erupts in gouts of fluorescent mineral-laced snow. Flowing slowly down slope, the melting runoff results in gorgeously sculpted stone formations and cascading waterfalls. The Starfall forests, nourished by this steady hydration, lushly blanket the foothills and valleys. The forests are a protected wildlife habitat, and home to wild ryuu-nekos, alcolynxes, mountain kerricks, and a range of other fauna.

Dune Sea

North of Anduruna lies the ever - shifting dune seas, home to the notorious bandits, and site of the famous Toll Wars. Impossible to map due to their seasonally changing contours, the dunes conceal ephemeral inlets, tide islands, plains of deceptive quicksand, and strange ocean currents. The golden resource of the Dune Sea is flo-wood. Washed ashore from mysterious lands to be buried within undulating hills, this is the only place in Anduruna where the prized seeds can be found. A current headache for the Central City government is the fact that most of the necessary seed trade is controlled by bandits and black market elements within the city.

Alchera Ocean

Timelessly undulating to the east is the Alchera ocean. Plied by both merchant, bandit, and pleasure vessels, navigators maintain the practice of keeping sight of land. Surveying journeys into the open sea either return with news of endless waves, or fail to return at all. It is presumed that the Alchera goes on for eternity. Beneath its waves rest the bones and cargoes of many wrecks from ages past - the era of piracy and rash exploration. Piracy is sometimes reported even in present day, on the outermost shipping lanes. The aggression is attributed to bandits.

Ruskol District

The Ruskol district in the north, shot through with rocky slopes harboring frost nearly year-round, is stereotyped as a home to very introspective and calculating individuals. Slow to place or withdraw loyalty, and keeping their emotions to themselves, the Ruskans have historically made trustworthy allies, but implacable enemies. Having no coastlines, rivers, or significant natural resources of their own, they have maintained their status through the art of incisive political maneuvering, making them home to some of the finest negotiators in Anduruna. The elevated terrain and northern alignment exposes them to the worst of Anduruna winters, and breeds necessary stoics in its population. ...They get along famously poor with their Talocan neighbors.

Calypsa District

The Calypsa district, filled with streams, lakes, and swampy areas, was once stereotyped as a home to the outlaw and thief. While the citizens can be secretive, they also hold to an explicit sense of honor and conduct. They are innovative, as well - later developing their waterways into a citywide aqueduct system. The architecture gives thought to elegant canals and arches, with as many thoroughfares being on the water as there are on dry ground. Calypsa has a thriving industry in the collection and refinement of the mineral lunarous. Rather than expensively mining the substance, they can filter it from their Starfall-fed waterways.

Talocan District

The Talocan district’s citizens are recognized as fun loving and outgoing, with quick tempers - impromptu duels were historically done with chalk knives, and treated seriously - but friendship and reconciliation would spring forth just as rapidly, erasing animosity. Fabled for their fun-loving and exciting personalities, the Talocan district possesses architecture rich in color and ornamentation, with abstracted, graphic animal sculptures mixing with terraced pyramidal stonework. Gifted with generous coastlines and a tropical ocean current, yet protected from the southern storms by protruding Margate, Talocan has the most pleasurable beaches of Anduruna. A popular vacation spot for the other districts, one indicator of their focus is the aptly named ‘Party Island’ just offshore.

Sabbaton Towers

Dominating the landscape, the Sabbaton Towers are the geographic and political center of Anduruna. Constructed over five hundred years ago with the inauguration of the first Viscount, the cloud - topping structure stands as a testament to engineering genius. It contains the housing for the Central City's political elite, courts, subterranean prisons, media studio stages, shopping centers, research labs, universities, telepads, City Guard headquarters, a library at the pinnacle, tours through the cavernous foundations, and more. Its construction site was rumored in ancient times to be haunted land, but not even ghosts could intrude unnoticed at the Sabbaton today. Surrounded by miles of flat white stone and an outer defensive wall, the structure is unassailable.

Norvondire District

With its bold, powerful architectural tastes, it can be little wonder that Norvondire citizens traditionally embody competitive, brash, chivalrous attitudes. Many buildings sport crenellations and battlements, or even moats - less as necessary defensive apparatus, and more as callbacks to Norvondire’s famous history of instigating the Last War of Powers. The district also features many forested avenues and venues, incorporating the outer reaches of the Starfall forest. It is a distinctive experience to stroll its cobblestone avenues under sighing boughs while appreciating the silent, lurking castles.

Margate District

The Margate is a major shipping hub, due to its oceanic prominence and collection of fantastic harbors. In addition to trade, fishing is a major industry of the district. Its citizenship traditionally harbors tendencies towards exploration and curiosity, seeing home as more of a resting point between journeys. This may be due to the area’s history of shabby homes and low-incomes, with the rich harbormasters and shipyard owners comprising a wealthy minority of the residents. Architecture in some of the poorer areas could be at times ad-hoc, using materials and flotsam washed ashore to nail together crude dwellings. Although those days are generally long since over, many of the beaches, as tourist destinations, play upon this faded reality to the point of becoming kitschy.

Kojiki District

The Kojiki district culture has a historic focus on balance, with this being reflected in the pagoda-littered architecture and symmetrical, Zen-style buildings. Their traditional philosophy of inner focus and subjectivity put them at odds with their dogmatic Theophanies neighbors, although the animosity is mainly in the other district. Many of the best ryuu-neko trainers and breeders operate from Kojiki. The mountain island of Kittim, historically a territory whose ownership was disputed with Margate, is currently considered to be a part of Kojiki.

Theophanies District

Theophanies is most famous as the last remaining bastion for Sacrare, the worship of the mythological spirits. Traditionally the religion focused on spirit worship as a way to purify and strengthen a dreamkeeper’s power, but the old texts have been interpreted differently with the changing times, ‘power’ is now portrayed as actually symbolizing personal dedication and faith. The region’s network of piously bickering sects, temples, and churches have come to symbolize Theophanies to the rest of Anduruna, much to the exasperation of the district’s growing secular population. Belief systems aside, the classical architecture is among Anduruna’s most beautiful with fluted columns, balustrades, and edifices all carved and worked by artisans for the glory of unseen and unheard deities.

Eridan River

Flowing through three districts and much of the surrounding landscape, the Eridan is an essential ingredient to Anduruna. With headwaters in both in the Calypsa lakes and the Starfall mountains, it has been called the ‘river with two heads‘. In addition to nourishing farmlands throughout its length, it is harnessed and used citywide through a network of sophisticated canals, serving as an irrigation and transportation system.

Sky Road

Encircling all of Anduruna, the 'Sky Road' or Outer Wall is a structure predating history and defying any conjecture of purpose. Despite its baffling origins, it was built to last. Constructed on a wide, solid base of flo-wood roughly 50 feet in height, an extra 30 feet of stone masonry tops the structure. Its width accommodates a comfortable, elevated avenue, which bestowed the name ’Sky Road’ on the 440 mile arcing structure. Although talk of tearing down the obsolete and pointless structure has circulated for centuries, its status as an iconic landmark, in addition to its historic value, are enough to ensure its future.

Diony Desert

Although it gets typical amounts of rainfall, the Diony Desert is utterly arid. Overcome with diony plants, their seeds aggressively leech any and all moisture from the earth. Few animals can survive in the habitat, save those who feed on the plant itself. One creature unique to the area is the archituethus occipitus, or 'jumper' (Commonly referred to as a brain squid). Although they can be found at random throughout the Anduruna region, the jumper squid can apparently feed only in the northwest corner of the desert, where lunarous runoff from the Starfall mixes with the diony to create strange fumes that seem to nourish these bizarre hovering creatures. Dreamkeepers have used the desert to forage diony seeds for centuries. Although the area is traversable with enough water stores, rare is the individual who will venture across. Extended expeditions have historically met with failure, due in no small part to unseen bandits that apparently lurk beyond the desert.


Although its shale slopes are nearly barren of sustaining growth, Kittim has a small population supported by its strategic placement between the Eridu and Anduruna. Combined with its excellent harbor, this makes it an optimal trading harbor. It has passed its heyday, however, as improved shipping methods and trade regulations make a stopover on the island increasingly unnecessary for merchants.

Eridu Delta

Verdantly enriched by the branching Eridan river, the delta supports thriving farms, orchards, and ranches. Its history of exports to the main city has side-branched into hobby sailing and recreation. Eridu has become something of a retreat for resourced Andurunans throughout the years, and many of the wealthier families have winter homes or even retirement manors in the pastoral landscape.

Cliffs of Ekklesia

This jumbled mass of shattered stone lies to the south of the city, effectively blocking travel. Its labyrinthine arroyos and twisting paths have never been successfully mapped out, making the interior of this cracked mesa a veritable maze of fractures, pits, caves, and cliffs. Geologists presume that the area’s famous formations must have been sundered by a prehistoric earthquake - and the destruction extends even into the Alchera ocean, with a tortured seafloor sprouting hundreds of tiny stone islands. Dangerous reefs have doomed many a sailor to watery death in the area, but that only made the ocean-side cliffs even more popular as a pirate hideout and staging area. Even to this day, for anyone wanting to vanish without a trace, an easy solution would be to stroll into Ekklesia. It is rumored that those banished for powers abuse may have settled here, due to the rare rumbling or mysterious flash of light that will emanate from within.